A game with bite from Friedemann Friese
Published by 2F-Spiele 1999

Game Topic
Each player must bring a group of 6 people through the desert as alive as possible. First after 4 weeks (rounds) will the rescue team arrive. The problem is that the food available in the area is not enough to feed all the player characters. The basic idea of the game is that a man will rather eat a fellow man than starve to death. In order to survive must you not only try to find the available food, but also seek contact with the competitors to compensate for the lack of nutrition. The winner is the player who succeeds in bringing the most characters through the game, or if tied, the most valuable (ie. weakest).

Game Components
• 6 sets of  7 wooden character discs
(Each numbered 1-6 plus a Monkey).

Before the first game you must place a sticker on each wooden disc.
NOTE: The color of the disc must correspond with the background of the character card. Each color must also have a Monkey.

• 6 sets of 6 character cards.
The 6 groups are separated by background color: Weirdos (natural), Monsters (green), Mafiosi (red), Tourists (blue), Girls (purple), Retros (yellow).

A group of Characters: Weirdos
Size 1
Fight power: 1
Starvation: 1
Size 2
Fight power: 2
Starvation: 2
Size 3
Fight power: 3
Starvation: 3

Each character card has 3 values:
The red number is the Nutricial value, which you receive when you eat that character (this is also the value of the character itself). The yellow number is the Victory points.

Finally does the size of the figure indicate the Fighting power and the Starvation of the character.

Food and VP values
• 6 Mapboards, each with 12 spaces; 3 of which have Oasis.
• 42 Fight markers (red wooden blocks)
• 84 Food counters (red)
• 84 X-counters (green)
Should be punched out and sortet by color before the first game.
Food countersX-counters
• The rules

Game Preparations
The following components are needed per player:   (2-player game: Both players uses two sets)
  • 1 Mapboard
  • One set of X-counters (3 Treasures, 6 Roads and 5 Food: #1, 2, 2, 3, 4)
    Each player receives the following items:
  • 7 Characters in one color (cards and discs)
  • 7 Fight markers
  • 5 Food counters

Half of the boards (rounded up) should contain an Oasis, otherwise the choice is free. The boards may be combined in any way (even turned 90°) you choose. Beginners should be careful to spread the Oasis well and are advised to make the board as close to a rectangle as possible.

Take 9 Treasures from the X-counters, divide them into 3 stacks of 3 counters and set them aside. The rest of X-counters are mixed.

The Character cards are placed in front of the players, and each player divides his 5 Food counters among his characters as he finds best.1

The Fight markers should be be kept hidden. The hungriest player begins the game. In turn order places each player one hidden Character disc in any vacant space (neither rock nor oasis) until all discs have been placed. (Beginners should take heed to the tips after the rules!!!)
The remaining empty spaces are randomly filled with one X-counter each.
Now the game can begin.

Play Structure
The game is played in 4 rounds, each consisting of 3 phases. The 3 phases are:
  1. Movement and search for Food
  2. Eating and Fighting
  3. Scoring and preparation for the next round
1. Movement and search for Food
In your turn you may perform one action with one of your hidden Characters:
  1. switch places with another hidden piece (X-counter or character disc, your own or a competitor's)
  2. switch placs with one of your own revealed Character discs
  3. or simply reveal (turn over) one of your own Character disc
Only pieces which are connected may switch places, that is either in adjacent spaces or linked through Roads (revealed X-counters) or linked through Character discs in your own color. Only octogonally connected spaces are adjacent, diagonally spaces are not connected.

After an X-counter has changed place it is revealed. If it is a Road the player may continue his turn, and he can again chose any one of the above mentioned actions (a,b,c) with any of his hidden Character discs. If Food or a Treasure is revealed must the player reveal both the X-counter and the character disc he moved. When two Character discs change places are both of them revealed.
Then the player to the left has his turn.
When all of your Character discs have been revealed you cannot perform any actions and must pass until all your fellow players have revealed their Characte discs.
This ends the first phase.

Example play

Player 1 (green) has discs A, B, C, D; player 2 (yellow) has discs E, F.
Player 1 may swap any of his hidden discs (A,B,D) with any of his discs (A,B,C,D) or both X-counters, as they all are connected directly, through Roads or through discs in his own color. Note that D may switch places with x1 as they are connected by two Roads and two green discs.
He may also switch places with F, but a switch with E is not allowed as that Character is revealed and not his own.

Player 2 can only switch F with D or x2 as his single hidden dics has no other connections. If he switch places with the X-counter and finds a Road, may he immediately switch places with A,B,D,E or reveal disc F. If he discover a Food-counter must he reveal the identity of F and will not even be able to reach the Food.
The Treasure will stay and block its space until the end of the game.
The 2 Food-counter can at present only be reached by C or D.

2. Eating and Fighting
First will all players with at least one Character in an Oasis (Monkeys doesn't count) receive 2 Food. In other words: a player (not Character) either receives 2 Food or nothing at all. Now the start player begins. Each player may take one Food counter or fight one Character per turn..

Finding Food
When one of your Character discs (not a Monkey) is directly adjacent to a revealed (green) Food-counter may you take it and remove it from play. Instead you receive that number of (red) Food counters from the pool which you must distribute among your Character cards. Any excess Food which cannot be placed on the Characters are saved until next turn.

You may only fight if at least one of your Characters is hungry. A Character is considered hungry when he has less Food than his Starvation number, which is equal to the size (see: "Game Components"). You may not attack your own Characters, and you may only attack Characters directly adjacent to the attacker (horizontal or vertical). And you cannot attack Monkeys.2

Both Characters have a Fight Power which both players may increase by the use of Fight markers. The players keeps these in a closed fist and reveal them simultaneiously. The Character with the highest Fighting value (Fight Power + markers) wins. If tied the attacker wins. All used Fight markers are lost (returned to a common pool). The losing discs is removed from the board and its Character card is turned over. (The owner may keep any Food counters from his Character card).

The loser receives 2 Fight markers from the pool (if there are less than two markers left he receives nothing).
The winner receives as many Food counters as the Food value of the killed Character. These are distributed among his Character cards.

If a player cannot attack because his Characters has enough to eat, and his group has enough extra Food, he may (but doesn't have to) give any spare Food counters to a player who lacks Food in order to prevent him from attacking.

If a player still lacks Food and cannot reach X-counters nor Characters, then must he sacrifice one of his own Characters, for which he recives the Food value - and he loses 2 Fight markers. If he has only one marker is this still lost.

The second phase ends as soon as all no Character is starving. Any Food-counters still on the board remains in their space. Treasures remeins in their space during the whole game.

3. Scoring and preparation for the next round Remove all visible Road-counters from the board and mix them together with the leftover X-counters and 3 Treasure-counters. Then place a hidden X-counter in each vacant space.
All players now has 1 minute in which they take a mental note of the exact location of the Characters before these are turned over to their hidden side (don't forget to hide the Monkeys as well).

Each player receives 1 VP per Character still alive. Note this on a piece of paper.

All Food counters on the Character cards are returned to the pool. Those who has a stack of unused Food counters distribute these among their Characters.

-All used Fight markers are distributed evenly among all players. Any surplus is kept in the common pool until the next Preparation phase.

The player with the least Food is the new Startplayer. If tied, the player who needs the most Food to keep his Characters satisfied, will begin. If, by some devilish stroke of fate it is still tied, the player to left of the former Startplayer begins. Exeption: The Startplayer cannot be the same player in two consequtive rounds (although a player may be the startplayer in two alternate turns).
The next round begins with Phase 1: Movement and search for Food.

Game End
The game ends after four rounds as soon as all alive Characters are satisfied (not hungry).
Each player receives VP's for his surviving Characters (yellow number). These points are added to any VP's earned during the previous 3 rounds. The player with most VP's is declared victor.
If tied the player with the most Food counters win.

Tips for the Beginner
Since you basicly can only make wrong moves in this game have we a few tips for the clueless beginner. Always be careful to place your Characters close to each other in order to keep your movement options as flexible as possible. Then you will be able to reach Food over longer stretches or flee from unfriendly Characters.

make sure to keep your two small Characters tucked away in safety as they are not only your weakest Characters, but also those thatn earns you the most Victory Points.

It pays to keep track of the number of Fight markers among the players, as you would prefer to fight those with fewer makers than yourself.

It is sometimes better to sacrifice a Character without spending any Fight markers as you will get stronger (you'll receive 2 markers from the pool!) and thus will be in a better position to protect the remaining Characters.

It is obviously important to pay notice to the locations of the different Characters as you cannot look at them during the play.

Translator Notes

1) The illustration on page 2 of the German rules shows an example where the two largest characters doesn't get any food, and each of the remaining four characters receives 1 Food each, except for one of the middle characters who gets 2 counters.

2) The Gorilla (a Monster character) is not considered to be a Monkey!

The rules has been officially approved by 2F-Spiele. Questions should be sent to
Translation: Mik Svellov 1999 v3.0