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Strategic abstract boardgame for 2 players
Design: Michael Schacht
Published by Spiele aus Timbuktu, 2001
in a limited edition of 600 copies.

This is not a straight translation as I have chosen to explain the rules in my own words.
They should reflect the official rules, and they will be updated if necessary.

  • Each player takes a set of 26 Player tiles (Bear or Lady) which are placed face down in a pool at his side of the table.
  • The 28 Crown tiles are placed face down in a common pool between the players.
  • Draw 3 tiles from each pool and place them face up next to the respective pools.
  • Each player receives 3 Gold tokens; the rest is kept in another common pool.
Draw 2 tiles from the Crown pool and place them face up at the center of the table. The two tiles are placed corner to corner in a chess pattern.
There is no limit to the size of the imaginary board, but all future tiles must be placed adjacent (horizontally or vertically) to already played tiles, and Player tiles must alternate with Crown tiles

Game play
The player with the "Bears" begin, whereafter the players alternates in having a turn.
In his turn a player may play 2 tiles: Either two of his own Player tiles, or two Crown tiles, or one of each.
The tiles must be chosen from among those on display, and the display is refilled from its pool before the next tile is chosen.
A Crown tile must be placed adjacent to a Player tile and vice versa, and at least one of the adjacent colors must be the same on both tiles.
The example above show a green Crown tile being placed below the green side of the "Bear". In the example to the left is the "Lady"-player placing a tile next to the yellow Crown.
A Player tile is scored as soon as it has a Crown tile on all four sides. Its value depends on the number of colors corresponding with the adjacent tiles:
a)  If all 4 colors correspond will the player receive 1 Gold.
b)  If 3 colors correspond is the value "0" (zero).
c)  If 2 or less colors correspond must the player pay 2 Gold to the common pool.
A player who cannot pay will immediately lose the game!
Ending the game
The game ends when:
  • A player cannot pay his debt.
  • When there are less than 2 Crown tiles in the pool at the beginning of a player's turn.
The player with most Gold tokens wins the game. The game ends in a draw if both players have the same amount of Gold.

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