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The Sumo/Counter Hall of Fame

Vote for the 2010 nominees
Everybody may vote for the Sumo/Counter Hall of Fame - just fill out the form below. The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to pick out those board and card games that merit the title "modern classic". A look at the list of the games that are already members should give you an idea of what we are looking for.

Voting instructions
You may vote for up to ten of the games on the list, but may vote for fewer if you feel that there aren't ten that worth a place. Rank your choices in order of preference.
You may also nominate any games that you would like to see on next year's ballot but which aren't on this. The only restrictions on nominations are that the games put forward should be those of the type reviewed in Counter magazine and that they should have been published no later than 2006.
The Nominees
As in previous years the list of nominations is a mixture of games that did well but not quite well enough in last year's vote, golden oldies that Stuart Dagger felt deserved a run, the pick of the crop from 2005 plus - not least - suggestions from the readers/voters.

They are:

Adel Verpflichtet 1
Der Palast von Alhambra 2
Ave Caesar
Jenseits von Theben 3
Lord of the Rings 4
Louis XIV
L÷wenherz 5
Reef Encounter
San Juan
Struggle of Empires
Tadsch Mahal 6
Twilight Struggle
War of the Ring

The Count
Two games will be elected by the "preference voting" method.
1st Nominee
2nd Nominee
3rd Nominee
4th Nominee
5th Nominee
6th Nominee
7th Nominee
8th Nominee
9th Nominee
10th Nominee

Please enter your name

and your e-mail adress

you may suggest game titles,
published in 2006 or earlier,
for next year's nomination list.
Vote until:
 31st October 2010 

Clarifications: All titles/editions of the same game is conflated into a single title. Similarly are variants of the same game also conflated as long as the original designer is credited.

Alternative titles or additional info:
  (1)  "By Hook or Crook", "Fair Means or Foul", "Spionage", "Hoity Toity"
  (2)  "Alhambra"
  (3)  "Thebes"
  (4)  "by Reiner Knizia"
  (5)  "Domaine"
  (6)  "Taj Mahal"


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